Happy.. always ?

How can you be happy all the time? There are fleeting moments of sadness, negativity, hopelessness and dejection. You can’t shun the seeping emotions.We are humans, not mannequins” said one of my friends during a conversation.

The idea of happiness could be a tad misconstrued. Happiness doesn’t mean that we are always jumping in excitement. If you have just missed your flight, you can’t be excited about it.Happiness is when you are connected to a place of peace inside. It is a lack of conflict in that place no matter what happens on the outside.

Yes, we do get demotivated, sad, anxious, hurt, furious when we are confronted with the immediacy of an adverse situation. But the idea is to shift that state of mind as soon as possible by telling ourselves. It’s OK.Things happen. Now, what can I do about it? What is my responsibility and how can I make things better ? And soon the mind also starts comprehending that no matter how much you get mad, blame others,  shout or get upset,  it’s not going to make things any better. In fact, it can actually worsen the situation.It can make people anxious, who might end up making mistakes that they otherwise not make, in a calmer state of mind. Happiness has a lot to do with a stable feeling of contentment and is not always based on transient pleasures of life and incidentally, most of our miseries are self-created. We often see things in poor light because of our own limitations, fears, ego, attachment, and bias.

Can we just open ourselves a bit..a bit more? Yes ?  Happiness is closely associated with self-awareness as well.The more we know ourselves, the more we know what we want, the more decisive our decisions are likely to be,  and the pervasive feeling of contentment will start filling our souls.

Do you feel the same?

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35 thoughts on “Happy.. always ?

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  1. Yes , you are right..And this satisfaction comes from accepting things as they are. When we stop fighting this inner battle of ‘How things should be’ makes us light and that’s what I feel takes us closer to happiness and peace.

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    1. Thankyou so much for the compliment and I want to be happy 24X7 so I make sure those nasty things don’t come my way. And when your topmost priority is to stay happy then you always work towards that only. You too stay happy 😊

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  2. Hmmmmm, great post!!! I feel happiness is a personal construct and not something fashioned off of what the media, social media or society attempts to pimp out to us. For me, happiness is closely associated with internal peace and surrender.

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  3. I like this. Happiness is about feeling calm, at ease, and safe with oneself. Who we surround ourselves is creates a huge impact upon our own happiness.
    Great read


    1. Thankyou so much for reading ! It’s somehow related with peace also. Though both happiness & peace are different. It’s somehow about having faith and seeing things with positive eyes.


  4. Beautiful post Pooja……being a devout follower of Buddhism, I can easily relate to the theme of your post….:)…..happiness is all in our minds, and mind is in our control, or to say should be in our control all the times…..non attachment and acceptance of impermanence leading to ever lasting peace and happiness, no matter what the situation is……:)….that’s difficult than it sounds, but not impossible with practice…

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    1. So true. My philosophy is to live life inside out and that’s quite close to Buddhism. And so much emphasis is given on compassion , acceptance and forgiveness, which is why I can relate to Buddhism so well. Glad that you liked the post and thanks for sharing your opinion 😃

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    1. Yes, you are right . Because life is not perfect. Infact we are also not perfect. But we can aim at making the mind calm in even the most toughest of situations. Happiness is bound to stay in a calm and peaceful mind.


  5. “Most of our miseries are self-created” – indeed! Our mind is a powerful tool for happiness. Happiness is not always a state of being, but a conscious choice. We can choose to let the world drag us down, or choose to brush ourselves off, smile and roll with the punches.


  6. I feel exactly the same. At the same time, on similar lines, I don’t agree with the Buddhist school of thought that there is no joy in the world but only sorrow. Happiness is a relative concept, you’re not really a human if you haven’t experienced every emotion there is. The state of sorrow exactly means that you were in a better place before mentally, but now you’re not, and that is okay. It will get better.

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