How travelling changed me !

Those majestic trails, cozy alleys, lofty mountains and serene woods were saying something to me. And I was listening to them intently. Somehow my inner voice also found its way out and woke me with a gentle tug.


I was fortunate to get married into a family that views traveling as a way of living and learning. Those inside stories of the Raja of Harsil, the surreal work of Salvador Dali, a detailed history of Venice, the disappearance of Tehri town, the life of Nicholas Roerich and the politics of Maldives. The entire list might bore you to death. But I couldn’t have absorbed as much even after reading piles of books. Yes, reading is certainly a great way of learning. But traveling leaves an indelible mark on your soul. Two years have been a crazy traveling chronicle. I had never previously traveled so much in my entire life.


The lungs got their fair share of fresh, if sometimes salty, breeze. The mind its much-needed call to open windows, the brain the intellectual & aesthetic stimulation and the soul a sense of purpose. Not to forget those tans that just refuse to go away, sleepless nights in camps, disorientation, frequent binges and losing touch with the usual humdrum of life. That being said, the rewards were overwhelming. And to be cherished.

The feeling of oneness with the universe got stronger. Physical boundaries appear to mock the lofty sense of freedom.You would rather view yourself as a global citizen, especially while sitting by a campfire under a starlit sky. Or ponder why we stress over trivial pursuits. The fascinating cultures, the exquisiteness of art, and lip smacking cuisines take your sense of wonder to another level. However, on the other side,  the sight of tourists trashing scenic places or shopkeepers ruining virgin spots left me with a sinking feeling. So much so, that I cleaned the banks of the Lachiwala stream (near Dehradun) on my own. And my hubby wondered what happened to me. But he was a happy witness.

More than anything, I have come to terms with my fears and ways to overcome them ( while trying snorkeling & cliff jumping ).  Discovered a few new flaws and got to know the old ones better. I forged a deeper connection with nature, my hubby and myself in the process. I am calmer and content now by rising above the inconsequential. And yes loving life and myself a bit more.

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  1. Be able to travel is a privilege we have been given but often we ignore that till its too late. Glad to see you are making the best of it.. Keep posting…

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      1. That’s a good news! Because “travel” is my fascination..nothing is more exciting than ..listening from fellow traveler. Cheers!

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  2. Beautifully said… also completely agree with intellectual and aesthetic simulation. I feel travel is basic to our ancient migratory instincts. The need to move ahead, discover something new, to be stimulated…

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    1. Thankyou for reading & appreciating. Yes you are right, we were not made to sit in a cubicle all the day. To discover new things & learning through exploring is our basic Instinct. 😊


  3. I’ve just begun traveling extensively, but already I’ve found it to be an excellent way to get more in touch with my true self. It seems that being away from the overly controlled, rushed routine of everyday life encourages self-reflection and deeper thought. At least that’s been my experience.


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