Beauty ?

I thought it was in pretty faces. But with time, some of them turned ugly! Why? The colors of envy, arrogance & meanness tarnished their faces. They didn’t look beautiful to me anymore. I didn’t feel as good.  I moved away.

And some ordinary looking faces brimming with intellect, and glowing with love, kindness & honesty turned so much prettier with time. Did I see beauty or did I feel it?


Mountains, rivers, rainbows, waterfalls make me feel peaceful & closer to myself.  Can I call that beauty? To me, beauty is more than what we see through our eyes. True beauty confers a power to touch the soul.It’s about how it makes you feel. It’s in character, humility & largely in compassion.

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86 thoughts on “Beauty ?

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  1. Beautiful! …😍
    Real beauty touches our heart… It makes us to long more of that, we see that even in chaos…your first picture is the right example! Loved the post Pooja! ❤️

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      1. Oh no not a great photographer.. just enthusiast.. (blushing)
        Well whenever such shots are required, please use manual focus, never to do auto focus.. Auto focus is for general things not for closeups or macros.

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      2. Camera settings, better to leave it at semi auto, focusing is based on the situation as I explained above. I want to start a photography learning area through these blogs, still not finalized the method yet.. it will be a total learning experience for all of us.. lets see.


  2. I just realized that I posted my Real Neat Blog Award, but never individually notified anyone!! I nominated you for the real neat blog award 2 days ago! ☺️

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