Decoding EGO!

I was hesitant to admit my mistake. I was reluctant.Why should I? ( Hello, ego! )

It all starts with  “I know it all”, “I am the most creative” , “I am the best at this” and transcends to ” He doesn’t even know this, Oh ! She is so slow, I am far better than him.”


Who are we? Work, scores, money , qualifications, skills, looks? Shallow view ,I must say. It must be something beyond roles and possessions? I guess!! Are we not “beings” with unique qualities and are here to experience a beautiful life?(Correct me if I am wrong) but with a crisis of identity, we certainly can’t.

We in our mind create an image with labels (race, religion, role, title, profession,achievements, looks) and get attached to that image. Get steamed up when some one challenges that “image” .That’s how conflict starts. Ego craves control , putting others down, promotes blatant boasting, a need to be proved right every time. Sometimes as a consequence, relationships drift apart. Slowly.

Yes, we can be slightly better than someone at a certain skill,but not in every other quality. Going beyond labels is understating that at a basic level, we are all the same. Superior or inferior just doesn’t come into the picture. Where is ego then? Humility shall emerge when we start respecting the diversity that makes relationships so beautiful and of course, gives life a special meaning.

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  1. I’m glad you picked up a great topic to talk about. I feel the entire human race is all about our own views, ego and feelings. These are precisely the reasons for our liking, disliking, hatred….all sorts of emotions. It becomes more complicated when it comes to human emotions!

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  2. Great post Pooja. First of all we have to accept that we don’t have to be same as others, everyone is different and there cant be exact match in this universe. But sad thing is our own man made laws makes us to fit into one box however impossible it is. That’s why we see this completion, race, superiority ultimately achieving nothing but anxiety and tension. I always felt the little more intelligence what humans possessed is a kind of a curse.. we are already experiencing it.


  3. You are so right that we might be better at something, but that doesn’t make us a better person. It’s something I have tried to emphasize to students over the years. Everyone has different gifts, talents, traits, something to offer the world. If the world needed me to create, solve, innovate everything, we would be screwed. The math alone would break me!

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    1. Thankyou for your detailed analysis on this. I have seen people spoiling thier most important relationships because of EGO which affected not just thier life but people around them and so it was extremely important to put an emphasis on this. I am quite impressed with your strong values and thougths.. Would surely love to read more from your space. 😍

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  4. great post! love this last line! 🙂

    “Humility shall emerge when we start respecting the diversity that makes relationships so beautiful and of course, gives life a special meaning.”

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