Un-choose Anger !

That tiny spark of rage inside me.. seemingly innocuous.. I could have alleviated it by sprinkling some wise & peaceful thoughts over it. But I chose to ignore.

It grew into a wild fire. Ouch.. It burnt a part of me and started spreading to other people around me. It burnt them too. It didn’t stop as easily. The irreversible damage was done.

Extinguish that tiny flicker for the sake of beautiful relationships and life. Choose happiness..choose peace..every time !

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41 thoughts on “Un-choose Anger !

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      1. Oh so sweet. It’s my pleasure
        Actually the reason why I wrote about this place as the best, though we don’t know each other, we look for and cherish our interactions.
        Wonderful place where we meet real friends
        For the friendship 👍

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  1. Lovely post Pooja. Yes….anger is a primary cause of suffering for the person practicing it………best is to control it right there where it’s roots are…..that is mind…….mind has to be kept happy, in peace, in calm……
    I remember to have written on this some time back…….you can pay a visit…..http://mydailyjournalonline.com/?s=anger ………:)…..i am now in my newly self hosted site, do drop in sometimes…..http://mydailyjournalonline.com/

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    1. You are absolutely right. Because if we can change it when it’s just a tiny spark.. it will be easier and it’s important to choose peace over the anger. Then the issue can be addressed in a better way and we can see the solutions also.thankyou so much for reading 😊

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  2. I recently wrote about my past anger, but mine was mostly related to my mental illness. I now feel free from it, but it took a major life change, therapy, and medications to do that.

    I do still have flickers of fire on occasion, but I know how to get passed it quickly. I’m much more easy going nowadays.

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