Burano : Gleefully colored island of the Venetian Lagoon!

The postcard image of a colorful Burano caught my eye while I was flipping through an article titled  “List of places to visit before you die” . I had no idea that one day I will experience this sheer spectacle in real and later will even write about it.


Two hours on a ferry got us to Burano from Lido (where we were staying) . I didn’t know much about this island except that it was a fishermen’s village and famous for its handcrafted intricate laces.So no pre-conceived notions played in my mind .


The gust of cool breeze  greeted us. What joy ! Not as crowded as Venice, the island had a rustic charm . Every nook and corner was “Instagramable” .

Where to start from ?


We loved getting lost in those narrow streets surrounded by colorful walls . Red, blue, green, pink, yellow, orange,violet, pastels…Gosh ! Intricately designed balconies with overflowing bright flower boxes, if that was not enough. The drying laundry was acting as a prop to an imaginary frame. In the relatively quieter settings and pleasant breeze, it was easier to absorb those details.


It is believed that the houses are colored brightly so that they are identifiable in the haze over the water. The color is decided by the local island government after a painting request is submitted to the local authorities by a home owner.


It was when my husband struck up a conversation with a German couple who thought he was from Thailand ( Sigh  ! not again), that I could manage a little time to get the souvenirs for my sisters; to save myself from getting killed as my husband would rarely stop at any shop.

A few old ladies inside the store were engrossed in making the laces. It takes patience , time and diligence to create those fine pieces of lace and that justifiably makes it quite expensive too. It is believed that Venetian lace was considered one of the most prized possession of European nobles  in the  1600s.


So there is not just one leaning tower in Italy, there are many and “The leaning clock-tower of Burano”( built in 1703-1704 ) is one of them.It can be seen from an approaching ferry. It leaned towards the south because of  partial caving in of the foundation which is still based on stilts.

We sat on lush grass after strolling around to relax, and had a few refreshments.

I surely underestimated this place and was glad that my husband persuaded me to visit Burano since it was little far from Lido .

Phew!  So finally I could make it to Burano before dying ! ( LOL )

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55 thoughts on “Burano : Gleefully colored island of the Venetian Lagoon!

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  1. Another place conquered Pooja! 🙂 Beautiful way of narration and colorful pictures! But whatever it is I am not going up that leaning clock tower! even if I have to see be before I die..:D
    Keep up!

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  2. My husband and I took a ferry to Burano from Venice the last time we were in Italy. We were there quite late in the day and just managed to catch the last ferry. Just managed. We would have had to have slept there otherwise. I think I remember seeing one little family owned inn, but that’s all. I remember buying a silk scarf there, but unfortunately forget which one.


  3. Hi Pooja, what a nice account. I went to Murano instead, it is another pretty little island sister of Venice, famous for it glass works. Have you been?

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  4. Really thankful for sharing this useful post !! i am really going to book a holiday package to visit this place. i think this post will surely help us in our holidays to make it more enjoyable and interesting .


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