9 signs that you are becoming a better person !

Although you may not be aware, you are becoming a better person than you were a month ago, or even a year ago. These are signs that you are on right path !

1. Your response is calmer now : You no longer have an undue reaction to every situation as they don’t create waves in you anymore. You are more at ease with yourself and don’t lose your mind over things as before. Now you place things in perspective quicker.

2. You are happy for the success and happiness of others : No longer do your insecurities play in your mind , making you vulnerable to envy. You no longer feel small when you see others doing well in their lives. You feel that you are enough and your journey is unique . Self esteem is intact.

3. You appreciate more : Your cynical attitude has dissipated and you see a lot of good things around yourself. You notice small things people do for you and this feeling of gratitude has become your clingy friend. 🙂

4. You don’t try hard to prove yourself : Ego is the reason why you want to project yourself as being right always . And now when you know that everyone is right from their own perspective,  you don’t waste your energy in arguing and rather chill with a beer mug.

 5. You don’t hold grudges : You understand that there is no point in carrying the weight of others’ mistakes on your shoulders. Holding grudges will affect only you more and you have learnt that hard way . You try to see things from the other person’s perspective and see the larger picture.

6. You focus on self more : You realize that you can’t change people so why not focus on making yourself a better person?

7. You are not running behind fake desires: Several of our desires emanate from our  social surroundings and are not really about who we are.  Advertisers want to sell us the idea constantly that you can buy happiness , respect and admiration. And you are not sold to that idea anymore.

8. You don’t worry about what people will say : While making a big decision or even a smaller one, you listen to your inner voice and what people are saying doesn’t bother you as much. You take the opinion of others but use your wisdom and  priorities to make the final decision.

9. You are not interested in judging people : You know that you are not perfect , neither is anyone in this damn universe. Then why judge ? We are only burning  bridges by pointing out mistakes that are just a tad different from ours.

Are you aware ?

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