How I am living a life of “Peace”!

While going through some challenging & confusing times in my twenties, I realized that there was something amiss. Spark was long gone and I felt out of my zone. I was never a pessimist, but I surely was doing things which were not aligned with my true and happy self. I felt there was something that I needed to change, let go or learn.Having read voraciously and talking to the wiser lot, I had slowly started doing things and they worked for me.Voila!

I accepted myself with all my flaws : All of them, and I have several. I am not ashamed a bit. It starts with knowing the fact that you will be better if you accept yourself. If you keep denying the fact that you have flaws ,you can never embrace your true self and work towards improvement.It’s like filling up a glass but you have to accept the fact that it needs the refill. (Not for you tipsy fellas!)

I accepted everyone around me : Constantly judging people and trying to correct them can be emotionally daunting. Even if I was not conveying this to them, I was carrying the weight of my constant desire – for them to change, only to realize that they will change only when they want to and that desire can not emanate from nagging or pointing out . Everyone is on their own journey and that transformation can come early for some or a bit later for others and may be never for some. It’s better to make peace with this fact!


Meditation : Nothing in my life has given me a rock solid constant state of well being than meditation. For me its a panacea for my soul and often makes me immune from  ailments like stress, anxiety, envy, confusion, anger, hurt and keeps me grounded as well.It’s a SPA for the mind..and the best part is that you don’t have to pay a penny for it! 🙂

No to approvals : If you go to parties, you know how hard it is for a non-drinker as everyone expects you to say “cheers” with them .To stay assertive and to enjoy the occasion as well is what I have been doing all this while. As I watch in all my unadulterated senses the crazy things drunk people do, a true delight and pure fun for me( which others just can’t seem to understand ) and then I then can blackmail them the next day 😉

Making to-do list : The day I don’t make a to-do list, I have to bear the extra stress of  remembering the tasks and the anxiety of forgetting any of them. Also being less focused , spending too much of time on a single task and wasting time on irrelevant stuff.Making a list helps me a lot with shopping ,packing, managing chores or working on a project.I manage it with an app on my phone. You can use sheet, wall, toilet paper, tissues or your hands. Whatever I don’t care!

No to comparisons (It’s not logical) : We have been compared since childhood to our acquaintances and peers and we grew up thinking that it’s  normal – under the intoxication of a heavy dose of  social conditioning. And to my learning, I think nothing is more damaging for the well-being of a person than comparison. Realizing the fact that everyone’s path is not the same but can be beautiful in its own way.

Yes to Gratitude ( Thank-you GOD! ) : Whenever I start feeling thankful for something in life, I start seeing more things to be thankful for. It’s a chain reaction. Just like a thought attracts  similar thoughts and those thoughts attracts positive situations in life. I am a living testimony of the same.

Seeing good ( just good) : No matter how gloomy it may seem, there is always a scope for ” break in the clouds”. Some talents had only been discovered in the face of gruelling times, some relationships grew fonder during hardships, some opportunities are carved only by  adversities , some dark times put your ego and arrogance to flames, making masks fall off fake faces, and also making you stronger and a better person.

I had trained my mind that way.It will make you fall in love with life. Every bit of it.

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35 thoughts on “How I am living a life of “Peace”!

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    1. Thankyou. I just shared my personal experience of how I manage to stay peaceful most of the times. I know the topic of peace if far too deep and there are many layers to it. Thankyou for sharing your perspective and people may be forgetting the meaning of peace but inside they know they want it.

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  1. Beautifully said Pooja. Too much comparison doesn’t help us to grow as a person and in my case, meditation has been of great help. Gratitude and acceptance matter to remove the discomfort that fails to heal. I love the picture where you stand in the company of nature.

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    1. Thankyou so much for sharing your perspective on this. It’s all what I have experienced in my own life and know that it works and so I sharing it with others was natural. And the picture is from kanasar ( chakrata). Glad you liked it.. 😊

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    1. Well that took a while for me to figure out what’s gonna work for me. I think everyone should go into the contemplation mode and really find out what important for them and what makes them really happy because the entire journey is only about that. Thankyou for sharing your thoughts 😊

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  2. Couldn’t agree more with all of this-thank for sharing-lovely post!im sure it will help lots of people find peace x


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