Harsil: Seeking warmth

I have faint memories of my childhood in Uttarkashi. I remember the sheep on the pine covered slopes across our bungalow. At night, the sound of the Bhagirathi. A gentle roar. The cicadas during hot days. Butterflies on the path leading down to the river. Running out the door excitedly when my father returned from... Continue Reading →

Sikkim : A trip to nostalgia and less trodden routes!

As Dr. Gyatso poured locally made wine into my husband's and father in law's shot glasses, they were over the moon. As if they had found the preeminent purpose of travelling 1500 kms to this remote ranch village in Sikkim. The wine obviously tasted like heaven. "Orchids, figs, bananas, Sal, bamboo, wheat, guava, barley, oranges, tea, and cardamom... Continue Reading →

Versatile Blogger Award!

 I would like to thank Blooming Souls for nominating me for this award and calling me a great writer (which I'm not but thanks for the kindness!). It's only a month since I have started my blog and it's quite overwhelming to receive such a positive response and recognition. The poems and deep insight of Blooming Souls are  commendable... Continue Reading →

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