Dazzling affair with Singapore!

Oh ! I can't believe my eyes ! Gleefully whispered the tiny girl seated just in front as we touched down at Changi Airport in the wee hours . The contrast of shiny boats on the Singapore river, twinkling lights on fancy buildings in pitch darkness. I could feel her excitement ! Who would have... Continue Reading →

Thailand : The land of vibrant hues

Floating in the air buoyed by a  gigantic rainbow colored parachute, I could feel the infinite ocean. The thrust of the wind kept me high. I could see him in the speedboat waving at me.  Thrill of being in the air! How does it feel like ? A  bird without wings. Slowly I was drifting... Continue Reading →

Top 10 things to do in the Maldives!

You know something amazing is going to happen when you are about to land in the Maldives. The hues of green scattered Islands & Atolls on the canvas of the blue ocean appears like an artist's imagination. The trip to the Maldives was a birthday gift from my husband (one of the best gifts ever!).... Continue Reading →

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