Burano : Gleefully colored island of the Venetian Lagoon!

The postcard image of a colorful Burano caught my eye while I was flipping through an article titled  "List of places to visit before you die" . I had no idea that one day I will experience this sheer spectacle in real and later will even write about it.   Two hours on a ferry got us... Continue Reading →

Venice: An Artist’s Dream!

When I seek another word for ‘music’, I never find any other word than ‘Venice ~ Friedrich Nietzsche Venice is a poem, a painting, a drama, a dream, a mellifluous song. What you feel in Venice, you can't really feel in any other place. With its unique setting of canals, connecting bridges and alleys, it never fails to... Continue Reading →

Spain: Sangria , Antoni Gaudi, Flamenco & more !

Slowly sipping the sangria (I am quite bad with alcohol), I couldn't take my eyes off the rhythmic feet stomping, the flamboyant ruffled flamenco outfit, clapping hands & the fierce expressions on the face of the flamenco dancers. Tap Tap Tap. The delightful staccato sound from the dancers' shoes was sheer music as the guitar notes paused. And played again... Continue Reading →

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