Harsil: Seeking warmth

I have faint memories of my childhood in Uttarkashi. I remember the sheep on the pine covered slopes across our bungalow. At night, the sound of the Bhagirathi. A gentle roar. The cicadas during hot days. Butterflies on the path leading down to the river. Running out the door excitedly when my father returned from... Continue Reading →

Rishikesh : Peace, thrill or both !

The incandescent diyas were ready, and so were the priests, identically attired in their traditional costumes. Standing on wide stools that faced the Ganga. Flames of the diyas, swirling in the chilly winter air, greeted the devout and the curious alike. The circular movements of the diyas, the Aarti and the pause. Everything was synchronized.... Continue Reading →

Dazzling affair with Singapore!

Oh ! I can't believe my eyes ! Gleefully whispered the tiny girl seated just in front as we touched down at Changi Airport in the wee hours . The contrast of shiny boats on the Singapore river, twinkling lights on fancy buildings in pitch darkness. I could feel her excitement ! Who would have... Continue Reading →

Un-choose Anger !

That tiny spark of rage inside me.. seemingly innocuous.. I could have alleviated it by sprinkling some wise & peaceful thoughts over it. But I chose to ignore. It grew into a wild fire. Ouch.. It burnt a part of me and started spreading to other people around me. It burnt them too. It didn't... Continue Reading →

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